To the Centre of the Soul.

To be true to yourself, you must first understand and accept who you are.

Close your eyes and slowly shift your focus to your minds eye. Centre your thoughts on the space somewhere between the ‘here and there’. Be silent and still, eyes closed, not awake or asleep. Let your mouth fall numb and heavy as the blood flows silently through your veins. You are not focused but aware of the void between now and then. A purple and yellow light creeps from your toes, swirls through your abdomen, circling through each of your chakras until it rests gently on your soul. Your heart feels lighter and dances on the outside of your body –  a beautiful and indescribable freedom fills you. A lightness move through your body and your aura glows a radiant ray of gold.

The stillness is important, it is this that allows you to reach the deepest depths of yourself. It is the stillness that will eventually enable you to reach your soul. To get there, to reach this point, to be closest to yourself, you must prepare and you must be willing to sacrifice your darkness.

Darkness is the guilt of living in a complicated web of waste and desire. To transcend, first we must let go of, acknowledge, and accept the fears that prevent us from knowing our truest and purist selves. In facing our fears we must ask ourselves some important questions:

 Who am I?

What is beautiful and unique about me?

What prevents me from living the life I deserve?

Is greatness within me?

 To prepare your mind and body for this journey first lighten your load. Eat only what your body needs. Those who show restraint are the ones who will get closest to themselves. Allow yourself the simple discomfort of moderate hunger and allow your body to release itself from its control, take notice of the bloated and overstuffed bodies that surround you, do not let yourself be one of them.  Abstain from waste, the guilt associated with it will create a heavy darkness on your soul.

In silent stillness soak in the beauty of all that surrounds you. Let the blueness of the sky calm your thoughts, notice the brightness of the sun and the light that dances around it, breathe in the energy of the moon and bask in its mysterious and radiant glow. Allow the silver white of the clouds to spike your imagination and energize your body. Seek out the sunrise and allow its beauty to revitalize your body, mind and soul. Dusk has a truly magical and powerful energy. Seek beauty through visual arts, poems, stories, nature, the innocence of a child at play, or the quirkiness of a pet and drink the magic of each experience into your heart.

Question your place within the universe, why ARE you here, and what can you do to create a positive energy on earth? How are your thoughts shaping the world?

Sitting still, eyes still closed, listen to the beat of your heart and feel the flow of blood though your veins. Allow the constant beat to gently rock your body, empty your mind of thoughts, feeling only energy from the earth. Allow the silence to energize and stimulate your body, allow it to move through every inch of your physical and mental being until it fills your soul with what it needs to connect with your higher self.

You are ready.