You are the most powerful person in the world.

Listen you your emotions, what are they telling your intuitive self?

You have the power to change the world – your world. Set yourself free against all you have learned, all you have been taught, and all you know. Feel the freedom wash over you. allow the shackles of conformity to wash away – who are you really?

Allow your soul to guide you, to connect you to the truth. To your truth.

What are you pretending not to know?

What are you doing to create happiness for yourself?

What is your higher power telling you? Where are you being guided? Let yourself hear their voice and take the guidance. Who is your guide. The guide is you, the voice calls from within your soul. It’s roots are at your core connected to the core of the earth, to the core of the universe. You are the universe. A vibration of the big picture. Your vibration is the energy of the universes soul. It’s darkness and it’s light.

The answers to all your questions are within you. Close your eyes in order to see the answers. Breathe the answers in, be patient. Your breath holds the words.

Channel greatness, Channel excellence and open your mind to a great energy and allow it to lead you. Use this energy as your guide to achieving beautiful outcomes. Inspired outcomes.

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