A mirror. 

Go inside yourself and peek into the depths of your heart and soul. Whisper to her. Ask for her hand. She has the power to lift you to greatness. To the ultimate love. Love will fill you up and make you whole. Perfect infinite wholeness.  There is only you. Unique and powerful you. 

Who will you be at your greatest?

The Darkest Dance.

The darkness dances in with the promise of  a Jasmin breeze. I resist the callous calls to join her yet the whispers go on and on. The husky enigmatic tones float through the air like a sprinkling of golden dust along a single ray of light. Reaching out to me she lulls me closer as does sleep when stealing a weary child. She dances like a swaying flower. Her whispered promises fill me with a reassuring warmth. Swirling and floating, her long fingers fix on me. The promise of an empty isolation speaks to my soul. My heart syncs to the melody of her mysterious beat. She holds me. I breathe her in. I become her.

In solitude I search for the light.