For the Chosen.

Embrace all that you are and all that you can become. Trust the path. Believe in the power of yourself. You have been chosen. You have the strength to influence change in the universe. You are one of the selected who will touch the world at it’s core. Trust, believe, all knowing, all seeing, all feeling, all being. You.

Let the light in your heart rise to your face, to send a glow from your cheeks. You are light. You are life. Allow your energy to burn bright, to shine a light out through the world, to champion what is right. Open your eyes to beauty, feel the pain of its sadness and caress it with your heart. Your soul is pure. You are the universe. Lead the way.


A Question for the Brave.

A question for the brave.

What are you doing today to bring life to your soul?

Give yourself permission (regardless of how busy you are) to take the time to create moments just for yourself. Moments that are therapeutic, that give you a sense of purpose, realness and aliveness. Deep personal moments. Dates with beauty and with love.

You are worth it – connect back with who you are, with what you love, with what brings light and inspiration to your heart, to your entire body.

Who are you?

You are life, you are powerful and you are free.

Own your mind and create self-genuine moments that illuminate you beyond the description of words, that inspire you to live and create a great life, to be a good person, to be courageous in your choices, to drive you to feel driven enough to live. Really, passionately live.

What are you doing today to life to your soul?


You are the most powerful person in the world.

Listen you your emotions, what are they telling your intuitive self?

You have the power to change the world – your world. Set yourself free against all you have learned, all you have been taught, and all you know. Feel the freedom wash over you. allow the shackles of conformity to wash away – who are you really?

Allow your soul to guide you, to connect you to the truth. To your truth.

What are you pretending not to know?

What are you doing to create happiness for yourself?

What is your higher power telling you? Where are you being guided? Let yourself hear their voice and take the guidance. Who is your guide. The guide is you, the voice calls from within your soul. It’s roots are at your core connected to the core of the earth, to the core of the universe. You are the universe. A vibration of the big picture. Your vibration is the energy of the universes soul. It’s darkness and it’s light.

The answers to all your questions are within you. Close your eyes in order to see the answers. Breathe the answers in, be patient. Your breath holds the words.

Channel greatness, Channel excellence and open your mind to a great energy and allow it to lead you. Use this energy as your guide to achieving beautiful outcomes. Inspired outcomes.


You are a gifted person with rare qualities. You are special and your life holds much purpose. You must be true to these gifts and qualities by living your life in a conscious and meaningful way. your life is not to be squandered, you must use your time here wisely.

Be still and hear your hearts song. listen and you will know what it is you need to do. allow your soul the time it needs to seek out your true path. You have an important message.

Compassion must be expressed and afforded to all earths creatures. Internal peace comes through the expression of compassion. Masking your truthful inner self will only ensure your torment is sustained. Your heart will shine once you have allowed your self acceptance to be shown to the world.

The path to happiness, contentment, and internal peace begins with meaningful silence. Breathe it in and build your energy through the awareness of your higher power.

be authentic in your actions and interactions and seek to do great things, greater than yourself. Allow your ego to fall away, rise above it’s call and achieve greatness.

allow the light to fill your heart and to guide your actions. You are worth much, you have the power to influence the world for the better. By showing your vulnerability you will. Utile stronger, more enriched connections with your friends, your family, environment and enemies.

You have greatness within your soul.

Seek to change the world and you will be remembered for it.