Visions of a Future

You are a soulful person, you live a soulful life. Every thing you do has purpose and meaning. You are a being who is close to nature; you respect yourself, others and the environment. Healthy living drives your life and you embrace a natural and peaceful existence. If you listen, you can hear the energy of the great earth, and when you are still you can feel this energy pulse through your body, mind and soul. Mother nature is powerful beyond words and you submit to her power, you draw from her power and you feed her power. The sun and moonlight enrich your inner rhythms and the purity of the ocean lightens your load. You live to end the pain and suffering of others and take no part in unmerciful acts. Your activism in kindness makes you powerful beyond measure and ensures you remain one with the universe.

Soul Food

Don’t allow life’s blows to weaken your spirit, you are strong and have a beautiful and generous soul, and although others may not always understand you, they appreciate your uniqueness.

Smile, the light it brings to your eyes brightens the entire room and brings joy to the hearts of those close to and around you. Look at what you have, you have so much and are truly lucky to be present here on this earth, and even though you are not always good at acknowledging your own fortune, take a minute and turn your eyes to the sky and marvel at the beauty and grandness of it. Feel the power of the fresh air as it cradles your face. Blessed is to be alive.

You are kind and it is within you to do great things; you possess a rare and unique gift to touch the lives of others, to lift them and to inspire their souls. Most importantly, believe in yourself. You have the ability to be great. Don’t hesitate to follow your dreams wake up and embrace your talents, really embrace them and become the greatness that is within you. Dream of the magic that blows through the wind of the universe, you are part of that.

Allow the beauty in the universe to inspire your heart and your actions, use it to fire you up and to move you forward. Seek out the beauty in everyday events: colours, shapes, kindness, words, nature whatever makes your heart sing. Speak beautiful and positive words every day – meditate on your observations and explore and investigate your own imagination. Beauty and inspiration are every where.

Find a quiet place and sit with your eyes closed; breathe deeply into your abdomen and clear your mind. See the beauty inside your soul, it is there. Breathe again and watch the colours of your aura dance behind your eyes, embrace the moment. This is the energy you have, share it with the universe and allow it to elevate your mind to a higher level of existence. Become powerful, amazing and confident in its presence and use this unique force to propel you in all that you do, allow it to fill you with the golden glow of the gods.

Keep your head clear and your body free of over indulgences, free your mind of guilt by eating only what you need. A plant based existence energises the soul and ignites the positivity that is within each of us. Explore the unexplored.