She is you.

You have the ability to change the world. Are you brave enough to do it, to lead the way? To awaken your soul to see the beauty of the entire universe, to feel her energy, to call out to her?

You know what to do.

The universe is God. She is the higher power. Her stars shine down on you, they seek the purity of your soul. She asks for your heart. To spread her love, to show the world the light. To touch others with the truth of her grace and her wisdom.

The universe is God. The universe is you. Change the world.

Seek her courage.

See, speak and act from your heart. Seek the truth. Be the truth. Allow her energy to flow through your heart, to illuminate your soul, to flow through your veins. Become one with her. She seeks you. Accept her, and take from her the confidence to change all that you know and all that you are. You are her and she is you. Feel the magic of her blessings. She seeks you to create harmony. To be love.

Feel the truth. Speak it from you soul, in all that you do. Breathe the beauty of her into your heart, with every breath. Bring renewed aliveness into your body. You are powerful, you have all that you need. Create the life, the world of your dreams. For her. Educate and enlighten others. You’ve known this from the beginning. This has always been in you. This is you. You are her and she is you. You are open and aware, all seeing, all feeling, all being. The light is within you. Speak with wisdom, compassion and with love. Seek answers in the silence. Be the silence. She speaks to you. Feel no fear. A golden glow of passion and courage becomes you. Hear her whispers, seek her clues. You are divine. You have learned your lessons and now you are the teacher.

There is much to hear. There is much to learn.

Listen to the wind.


Enjoy a moment of silence and settle your soul
Express gratitude
Feel the energy pulse through your body
Feel your greatness. Greatness is within you
Breathe and be still
Focus your energy towards your soul
You can do anything. You are alive
Be loved
Seek passion
Seek beauty
Seek life

Soul Food

Don’t allow life’s blows to weaken your spirit, you are strong and have a beautiful and generous soul, and although others may not always understand you, they appreciate your uniqueness.

Smile, the light it brings to your eyes brightens the entire room and brings joy to the hearts of those close to and around you. Look at what you have, you have so much and are truly lucky to be present here on this earth, and even though you are not always good at acknowledging your own fortune, take a minute and turn your eyes to the sky and marvel at the beauty and grandness of it. Feel the power of the fresh air as it cradles your face. Blessed is to be alive.

You are kind and it is within you to do great things; you possess a rare and unique gift to touch the lives of others, to lift them and to inspire their souls. Most importantly, believe in yourself. You have the ability to be great. Don’t hesitate to follow your dreams wake up and embrace your talents, really embrace them and become the greatness that is within you. Dream of the magic that blows through the wind of the universe, you are part of that.

Allow the beauty in the universe to inspire your heart and your actions, use it to fire you up and to move you forward. Seek out the beauty in everyday events: colours, shapes, kindness, words, nature whatever makes your heart sing. Speak beautiful and positive words every day – meditate on your observations and explore and investigate your own imagination. Beauty and inspiration are every where.

Find a quiet place and sit with your eyes closed; breathe deeply into your abdomen and clear your mind. See the beauty inside your soul, it is there. Breathe again and watch the colours of your aura dance behind your eyes, embrace the moment. This is the energy you have, share it with the universe and allow it to elevate your mind to a higher level of existence. Become powerful, amazing and confident in its presence and use this unique force to propel you in all that you do, allow it to fill you with the golden glow of the gods.

Keep your head clear and your body free of over indulgences, free your mind of guilt by eating only what you need. A plant based existence energises the soul and ignites the positivity that is within each of us. Explore the unexplored.


A fish and a bird may fall in love, but for the murky edge of the water, they shall have no where to live.

The fish’s tale floats like an oriental fan peacefully in the shallow blue of the water. Her golden scales dance with the sunlight as she shines her being to the heavens like a rare and precious diamond.

The bird in the tree is as lovely as a flower. His chest pimped and puffed like a proud and noble soldier. He spreads his wings like an angel as he dives through the branches of the wise green tree.

As the regal and glorious bird glides through the silver skies reveling in his freedom, the fish and her jewel like elegance float effortlessly down the channels of the sun kissed lake gliding and darting from place-to-place in a continuous underwater waltz.

The bird, thirsty from a days flight glides to the sandy banks of the lake and sips at the cool clear water. His eyes fix on a glistening jewel that is rising from the depths, as the vision becomes clearer the bird is stunned to realize that he is caught by the magnificent image of a fish and in an instant he is pained by a love so deep and desperate that he is unable to continue to drink. The fish too, looks up to see the proud and distinguished vision of the bird and falls helplessly in love as if a spell has been cast over her heart.

Unable to embrace, the fish and the bird dedicate themselves to spending the days lovingly positioned at the waters edge. One wet and one dry, they honor each others splendid beauty through time. The fish, who wishes desperately for flight, becomes so saddened by her water bound existence that her scales become dull and no longer radiate to the heavens. And the bird, freer than all other creatures is now captive to commitment and chained to his lover. Both are locked in a prison of time, hostage to the first sun-kissed moments of meeting and burdened by the knowledge that a fish and a bird may fall in love, but for the murky edge of the water, they shall have no where to live.

As the months pass and the warm glow of the sun is replaced by the cool beginnings of a cold and sorrowful winter, the bird and the fish begin to despair. Each of their hearts silently realising that while they love each other desperately, theirs is a hopeless dream.

Love and Hunger

They line the battered footpath of the blue-gated entrance to the St Vincent De Paul, like leaves scattered after an early morning storm. There is the usual bunch of down-and-outs mostly men, some young, some old. All share the familiar look of hunger and shame behind tired sunken eyes. Their faces marred with the dirty glean of worry and regret. All heavy with the understanding that life can be unfair.

The women sit quietly waiting patiently with their men. Some are bruised and scarred. Years of neglect etched into their auras, eyes diverted from the passing morning traffic.

A young man, no older than twenty four walks unsuspectingly towards the group. His mousy brown hair peeks out from beneath his black cap. He walks purposely forward, long lean legs stretching hungrily towards the familiar rusty blue gates – here he knows he can nourish his girls with at least one meal today. He is tired. The young girls cling to his dirty shorts. I cannot tell their age. Both share the same delicious shade of freddo frog skin, and although the man with them is lighter, it is obvious he is their father. The youngest sits in a worn and buckled pram and is comforted by a small sweet looking bear, the older girl walks along side, her once pink sandals struggle to keep pace.  Faces so serious yet something about their arrival lightens the heavy mood of those they pass.

Squeals of delight break the still morning air as the girls break away from their father’s tight grasp to skip along side a convoy of Green Ants. Slight smiles peak at the lips of those who quietly watch.

The man and his girls never sit with the others, instead they walk past, and up and down the cracked concrete entrance until the blue gates open.  Then quietly, and quickly they slip in, lost to the eyes of the world. Happiness as the warmth of the room engulfs them.

To the Centre of the Soul.

To be true to yourself, you must first understand and accept who you are.

Close your eyes and slowly shift your focus to your minds eye. Centre your thoughts on the space somewhere between the ‘here and there’. Be silent and still, eyes closed, not awake or asleep. Let your mouth fall numb and heavy as the blood flows silently through your veins. You are not focused but aware of the void between now and then. A purple and yellow light creeps from your toes, swirls through your abdomen, circling through each of your chakras until it rests gently on your soul. Your heart feels lighter and dances on the outside of your body –  a beautiful and indescribable freedom fills you. A lightness move through your body and your aura glows a radiant ray of gold.

The stillness is important, it is this that allows you to reach the deepest depths of yourself. It is the stillness that will eventually enable you to reach your soul. To get there, to reach this point, to be closest to yourself, you must prepare and you must be willing to sacrifice your darkness.

Darkness is the guilt of living in a complicated web of waste and desire. To transcend, first we must let go of, acknowledge, and accept the fears that prevent us from knowing our truest and purist selves. In facing our fears we must ask ourselves some important questions:

 Who am I?

What is beautiful and unique about me?

What prevents me from living the life I deserve?

Is greatness within me?

 To prepare your mind and body for this journey first lighten your load. Eat only what your body needs. Those who show restraint are the ones who will get closest to themselves. Allow yourself the simple discomfort of moderate hunger and allow your body to release itself from its control, take notice of the bloated and overstuffed bodies that surround you, do not let yourself be one of them.  Abstain from waste, the guilt associated with it will create a heavy darkness on your soul.

In silent stillness soak in the beauty of all that surrounds you. Let the blueness of the sky calm your thoughts, notice the brightness of the sun and the light that dances around it, breathe in the energy of the moon and bask in its mysterious and radiant glow. Allow the silver white of the clouds to spike your imagination and energize your body. Seek out the sunrise and allow its beauty to revitalize your body, mind and soul. Dusk has a truly magical and powerful energy. Seek beauty through visual arts, poems, stories, nature, the innocence of a child at play, or the quirkiness of a pet and drink the magic of each experience into your heart.

Question your place within the universe, why ARE you here, and what can you do to create a positive energy on earth? How are your thoughts shaping the world?

Sitting still, eyes still closed, listen to the beat of your heart and feel the flow of blood though your veins. Allow the constant beat to gently rock your body, empty your mind of thoughts, feeling only energy from the earth. Allow the silence to energize and stimulate your body, allow it to move through every inch of your physical and mental being until it fills your soul with what it needs to connect with your higher self.

You are ready.